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The Art of Caroline Saville

Welcome to my personal web site!

Hi, my name is Caroline Saville

I am a multimedia artist from Nashville Tennessee. Most of my art ideas come from dreams I have or things I write in my journal. If you are a part of my life, you can probably find a fragment of yourself in one of my works. While I work on my art I find just the right music for the mood and loose myself in a mesh of paint ,plastic, glass, metal, and Vivaldi, Mozart, The Water Boys, Tom Waits and sometimes a little Marilyn Manson. I grew up in Charlotte NC, or as I like to call it in those days A city void of culture and enlightenment. This forced me to seek out everything I hungered for in other parts of America and the world. My parents made sure that I had a healthy dose of culture starting from birth. I was exposed to the best symphonies, operas, and art museums America had to offer. As an adult I have run off to Hungary, France, Morocco and other countries to dive into my art studies finding magic in the most out of the way places that only exist by word of mouth. My advice to everyone is: I think everyone should read. If you hate to read you just havent found the right words for you. My favorite authors are Nikki Giovanni, Charles Bukowski, Richard Bach and the poet Pablo Neruda. I also enjoy a good Love And Rockets comic book once in a while. If I have to pinpoint art I think everyone should see, I would say dont miss a Dale Chihuly glass exhibit. If you are in the Bahamas stop by the Junkanoo Festival museum. If you find yourself near Summerville Georgia drive, the extra few miles out of the way to Paradise Garden and see Howard Finsters folk art. If you ever are lucky to find a voodoo art exhibit please check it out. Your eyes can dine on the bright colors and beadwork. Dont let the word voodoo scare you. DON"T LET ANYTHING SCARE YOU.

A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

This is Piga Putana.

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